1. Episode Two
    Strange Rules Podcast

  2. Insensate
    Body Boys

  3. Falling Softly on the Heads of Those Responsible
    Various Artists

  4. Nascent Dawn
    Zen Zsigo & Niels Geybels

  5. ACC

  6. Radial Structures
    Rituals in Oscillation

  7. Innen

  8. Untitled
    Stuart Chalmers/Z. Zsigo

  9. LRC
    Ryan Loecker

  10. Coalition
    Eastern Grain

  11. Totem

  12. Episode One
    Strange Rules Podcast

  13. The Currents Mislead
    Cremation Lily

  14. Former Glory of Youth
    Death Kneel

  15. Northern Fields
    Kay Hill & Cremation Lily

  16. Remise/Assume
    Various Artists

  17. Gratitude & Pestilence
    Moss Harvest

  18. Pleasure Pier
    Cremation Lily

  19. Vampir Milošević
    Balkan Gaze

  20. Autopoiesis

  21. Withdrawal - London, 1996
    Analgesic Secrets

  22. Apex
    Memory Work

  23. The London Gardens Society
    Various Artists

  24. Long Live the Cross
    Cremation Lily

  25. Vast Oceanic Distance
    False Moniker

  26. Velvet Divorce

  27. Vignettes of Intimate Reflection
    V. Sinclair

  28. A River Returning to Sea
    False Moniker/Cremation Lily

  29. Not Homesick (Pt. 1 & 2)
    Kostis Kilymis

  30. Cronica Infanzia
    Elisha Morningstar

  31. Opalescent Blue
    Cremation Lily & False Moniker

  32. Lovers Against the Rocks
    Cremation Lily

  33. Perennial
    Crystalline Fervour

  34. Upper Lip, Breasts, Inner Sexual Organs
    Healings & Mantle

  35. Broken Shells Mirrored in the Water
    Various Artists

  36. Brightly Lit Portholes

  37. Lines of Golden Light
    Cremation Lily

  38. The Storms of Summer
    Cremation Lily & False Moniker

  39. Christening Summer
    Cremation Lily

  40. The Treasury Painted Roof
    Cremation Lily & False Moniker

  41. The Likeness of the Goddess
    Four Ages

  42. A Body of One's Own
    Cremation Lily

  43. Studying It First Under a Magnifying Glass
    Z. Zsigo & T. Wasluck

  44. Photography Ring
    Cremation Lily

  45. Leather Satchel
    Cremation Lily

  46. April 21
    Cremation Lily

  47. Ornament/Relic
    Royal Tropical Institute

  48. Funeral Home
    Cremation Lily


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